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Q: What should I do if there is any technical difficulty to use this service?

We will try our best so that you don’t have to face any technical difficulty. But, we are even ready to handle any such situation by supporting you through our expert and experienced helpdesk executives.

Q: What will happen if I lost/forgot my log in details (user and pass) of this tracking application?

You can easily retrieve your login details (user or pass or both) by using our helpdesk. You can get your user and password back and reset accordingly through our online help desk support.

Q: Do I need to register in order to use the service?

You do not need to register in order to use our service. All you will need to enter is the phone number that you are tracking and the country and you are set to go.

Q: Are details in contact forms stored?

We store the details entered for a given period of time for support purposes only.

Q: Do you collect personal information or GPS data?

We don’t collect personal information or GPS data. Therefore, you don’t have to look behind your back when using our service.

Q: Can I sue you for breaking my marriage or infringing on my privacy?

our terms of use clearly state that users of the mobile tracker are solely responsible for their actions while using our service

Q: Is there any membership fee?

We do not charge a membership fees. However, this service is only free for a period of 3 Months after which it will become premium.

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